From The Famous Gun Safe Box Manufacturer Stealth

From The Famous Gun Safe Box Manufacturer Stealth

All rights reserved. Confirm Cancel. Member Login. Login Register? Site Notices. My safe is, go figure, filled up with my valuables. The lock has failed. And winchester’s customer service has been non existent so far. I got it from Tractor Supply just over 4 years ago.

I can’t find any info on google or youtube on how to address this — only lots of folks saying that the lock is a complete turd. Anyone winchester gun safe hack have any experience on the matter? Couldn’t help myself LOL– that’s what i’m afraid of.

Some of the LaGards are known to have keypad problems. A competent tech should wire a winchester gun safe hack pad to see if best in wall gun safe hack will get it open with the combination. If not, then drilling is your only option. In either case you’ll want to replace the lock with something different.

Happened to a friends last year but on a liberty safe. After several attempts that week he got it open. Mechanical locks fail too, and when seconds count, you will winchester gun safe keypad removal right past a digit. Two is one, one is none.

They will put one of each on your box if you are worried about muh Winchester gun safe keypad removal I’m going to give winchester a couple more days to respond but after that I got in! Decided to remove and dismantle the winchester gun safe keypad removal last night.

Must have been a connection problem because i was able to open the safe after reassembly. It is EMP proof and it takes about 45 minutes to perform the replacement and set all of the combos. I get and like the idea of quick access.

My question for those who do go electronic because of that reason is, Do you keep all your firearms locked up all the time? Quote History. Quoted: Very valid question — my perspective has shifted as kids get older. I do generally keep a pistol or 2 accessible outside the safe, but specific long guns are kept at the ready in the safe.

If i need one of those, i’ll need it quickly and probably under stress. The biometric component is interesting to me simply due to the “in the dark” flexibility. That said, i’m not sure biometric gun safe keypad removal is worth the marginal extra cash.

This experience has fully sold me on the idea of a redundancy for safe entry, and that one of those redundancies is completely mechanical. You could go with smaller winchester gun safe keypad removal safe, small gun cabinet, locking gun rack, all of which can be had with an electronic lock.

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