Who’s Your Carry Purse Customer?

Who’s Your Carry Purse Customer?

Designer as opposed to… Thanks for including the link! I am a woman, and I would gladly leave my firearms at home if the criminals left theirs there, too. Obviously, the author and the other commenters have never found themselves in any really dangerous spots.

Thanks for the info.

Thus, I will carry my firearm where permitted. Oh, and, yes, Stylish gun purse jobs am very well trained on how to use it safely. Thanks again for the link. Thanks for the info. Good to hear its not just us outsiders thinking this is fricking crazy.

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Haha, I doubt it. Nike Chillemi. Privacy Policy. Corian countertop review Noas Sweden Tibro. Some are classic fanny packs, while others are boxier and made to be worn on the hip. It does this without looking enormous, by storing the barrel of your gun in the waistband, with the grip in the central pocket.

The secondary pockets to the side are relatively small and are made for handcuffs or zip ties. There are straps inside to hold up to three extra magazines, and the pouch is secured by high-quality YKK zippers. This kind of quality comes at a price, though.

It also looks very tactical, with large black D-rings and a mesh pouch on the outside. This is an ideal fanny pack holster for law enforcement officers who are trying to keep a low profile. The Best concealed carry waist bag Tactical has an ambidextrous design and includes a velcro holster that securely covers the trigger guard while your weapon is stored.

It also stores two extra magazines, all in one central compartment. Considering that the main compartment alone is large enough for a full-sized pistol, the Hide-a-Weapon is fairly bulky. That said, best concealed carry waist bag has an inconspicuous appearance, especially if you buy it in olive drab or coyote instead of black or camo.

The major drawback of this pack is the low-quality zippers. They have large tabs and are easy to open, but they have a tendency to start coming unzipped on their own. Needless to say, this is not a good choice for joggers, since the main compartment can come completely open.

The Hide-a-Weapon is a good choice if you need an inconspicuous fanny pack holster for a compact or full-size pistol. Anything with a barrel length of six inches or less will fit. The restraining strap is ambidextrous, as is the velcro holster. The holster itself is adjustable, so it can be used for pistols with lights or lasers.

One nice thing about this fanny pack is its appearance. It also only has room for one extra magazine. The waistband is larger than most, adjustable up to 50 inches. This is a well-designed concealed carry holster for anyone who has a smaller pistol and needs the fanny pack for carrying other things as well.

The Soft Armor Merlin is ambidextrous and fits almost any sized pistol. The zippers on all compartments are well-machined, with large, quick-release tabs. The whole unit is rugged and durable, but that comes at a price; depending on which size you get, it can be fairly expensive.

Powered by Primalcodes. Easy to clean: just vacuum or hose off and hang to dry, this LOLE fleece dress with an adjustable funnel-neck collar and two practical front pockets will get you through the day in style and at ease. Put the bow in the front for a handsome cowhide concealed carry purse with hidden gun compartment yugioh boy dogs or put the bow on the side for a pretty, They are faceted which gives them an almost diamond look.

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MES Stories. P Hamza Secretary. Keep in Touch. Carrying off-body in a fannypack, handbag, backpack, briefcase, or saddlebag has always been a common solution for men and women. Purse carry is often chosen because it is a universal option for different body types and pistol brands.

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